How to smoke weed

How to smoke weed

Smoking weed for a first timer can become a transformative experience that one will live to remember or can be uneventful experience, depending on how one smokes the weed. Its consumption is through smoking, vaping and piping. With increasingly more countries legalizing marijuana, a potential user should make the best of it by following various pointers to enjoy smoking it.

The smoking process begins with one purchasing the weed and preparing it based on the mode of consumption. However, for a beginner, one should utilize smoking a joint or using a pipe. When smoking weed, one begins by rolling it in a small joint. The rolled joint is then lit up and roasted on all the ends to ensure its even burning. A smoker then puts the joint at the tip of their lips instead of inside the mouth to avoid wetting it and begins inhaling small hits of it and taking slow shallow breathes to allow for the smoke to enter the windpipe and into the lungs. Once the smoke reaches the lungs, an individual should hold it for a short while of about ten seconds and then exhale it slowly.

In utilizing a glass pipe or a bowl, one begins by packing the bowl midway with pounded weed. One should then place their thumb on the carb hole located on the side of the bowl, and proceed to light the bowl. Let smoke fill the pine and start inhaling through the mouthpiece in small hits while releasing the thumb off the carb to allow air in to facilitate inhaling. One should repeat the process until all the weed turns into ash.

Mastering how to smoke weed is a simple process of purchasing the weed, selecting the method of consuming it, smoking it systematically in small hits and gradually increasing them for maximum enjoyment.

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